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Are you interested in working in fashion design?

If you’ve ever wanted to know the behind the scenes of our collections, we had a sit down with our In-House Designer, Jade Jessop to discuss all of the details that go into creating a fabulous collection of pieces. The dedication, development and dreamy Autumnal colours are what really makes this collection perfect for the upcoming season.

When do you begin to research ideas for an upcoming collection?

To keep up with the fast pace of the fashion industry, research for every new collection begins almost a year in advance of its’ launch date. This is to ensure that pieces will be ready for sale at the right time of year when customers are shopping for seasonal wear. Although, many of our pieces are timeless and can be transitional from Summer through to Winter, I wanted to create a collection that represented the complete essence of Autumnal dressing for occasion wear designs.

How do you keep up with the transition of seasons and designing pieces months in advance of their release? 

Something I stand by is organisation and time management. I set myself a target of designing X amount of dresses per week to stay ahead of time. I begin to focus on the next season before the previous collection has even been launched online, it makes sense to keep track this way and it’s almost like clockwork now. I always put the extra hours in to get designs completed to high quality standard for a sample and discuss ideas with the HG team to confirm it is a finished piece. Staying on top of seasons and planning a year in advance is what brings the collection together as some pieces may take longer to produce than others.

What is your go to inspiration when looking into ideas for new collections?
As a brand, we recognise what our bestsellers are and the requests we have from customers decide which pieces are firm favourites. For example, our best seller ‘The Gabriella’ has been reintroduced in different styles of fabric and colour for a contemporary take on a classic design, renamed ‘The Gabby. I like to experiment with shape and silhouette so particular styles have been inspired by the natural contours of the body.

How would you describe the process of designing and producing new pieces for the collections?
It makes sense to think ahead, as I mentioned, I’m always looking into new season ideas. Taking inspiration from past collections and adapting silhouettes ensures that we stick to our brand personality but add a modern twist. I’m a firm believer that style doesn’t date which is why creating classic designs is so important as we know customers will love the collections. A lot of sample pieces don’t always make the cut in the final part of the process, as we have our own predictions of what will sell out as a popular product.

What is your favourite piece/s and why?
I have to say the Haven Berry Velvet Midi Dress, as it’s a completely new pattern I’ve created so I feel that the shape and silhouette is incredibly unique for the launch of the collection. It’s wearable for so many occasions across the Autumn Winter season and we’ve also made this design in a Black Crepe version making it the perfect transitional piece through the different seasons.

Behind the scenes, so much time and effort has gone into the development of our new season collection. Be sure to follow us on our social media platforms as each day we will be posting all about the beautiful new designs and showing you the incredible footage from our Campaign Photoshoot, it’s all very exciting! We hope all of our lovely customers adore the pieces and make sure to tag us @HonorGold on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so we can see you all looking glamorous.

Shop our Autumn/Winter collection here. With new designs coming every week, be sure to keep checking back and find your dream dress!